The main goal of our Association is to connect Polish and Polish-Finnish families living in Northern Finland, to spread Polish culture, to exchange experiences and to help each other.

The Association of Poles in Northern Finland was established in December 2021.

The aim of the association is to promote Poland by expanding the knowledge of Polish culture and cuisine in Finland.

Therefore, increasing cultural cooperation between the countries and peoples of Finland and Poland and their interaction is one of the main purpose of the Association.

We want to support Poles and their families in exile, support Polishness within Finnish society and take advantage of what both cultures have to offer!

To achieve its goal, the Association plans to:

  • organize events, concerts, exhibitions or others cultural events,
  • organize courses, exercises and trainings and other similar events,
  • organize competitions, shows, trips, camps and much more!

Together we cook, sing, have fun and cultivate Polish traditions.

SPPF Office

A new chapter in the history of our Association!

Thanks to funding from the Chancellery of the Prime Minister as part of the Polonia and Poles Abroad 2023 competition – Project “Development of the Structures of the Association of Poles in Northern Finland – Oulu, Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland” on October 16, 2023, SPPF rented office number 222 in Kumppanuuskeskus, Kansankatu 53 , 90100 Oulu.

Opening hours:

Every Wednesday 9.00-12.00

Join us!

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